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Amber Martinez

Actor, Acton, US $270

Amber Martinez is an American born actress of Scottish, Spanish, and Dutch descent. She was born in a small town in Kansas. Amber Martinez has many years worth of experience as a TV Host, prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2008. She has appeared in such films as "Rough Night", "Madness in the Method", "The Employer", "Senior Entourage", "Dead Ant", and many others. Most recently, she appears in the fast paced action film "Bond of Justice: Kizuna", starring in her role as the character "Rita". Amber Martinez has worked on many television shows as well, including "Why Women Kill", "Westworld", "68 Whiskey", "Seal Team", "9-1-1", "This is Us", "Black Monday", "NCIS", "Homeland", "Silicon Valley", "Animal Kingdom", and many others. In addition to this, Amber Martinez is an avid humanitarian and philanthropist. When she is not working on a film or television project, she is aiding charities. In 2015, she became a member of the United Nations Association of America and is currently a Member At Large. In 2015, Amber Martinez was Ms North America United Nations, in the United Nations Pageant. In 2016, she took home the international beauty pageant title of Ms United Nations Globe. In 2016, Amber Martinez performed "Barcarolle" from Tales of Hoffmann, at the 8th Annual UNA USA West Coast Global Summit. She is a mezzo-soprano. In July of 2017, Amber Martinez was bestowed the hereditary noble title of "H.E. Madame la baronne de Martinez" in perpetuity, by the Prince of Saint-Marc

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