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In the Entertainment Industry, the competition is fierce. Unless you are in complete control of your work, image, media relations, social media activities and working relationships; there is always someone down the line more than eager to take your place. This is where the need for effective Public Relations comes in. There is no doubting the fact that it is your talent that gives you the initial break in the industry but its only effective PR that can ensure that you enjoy the longevity and makes you a bankable celebrity. Effective PR is indispensable for maintaining your image as a celebrity and keeping you clear from controversies. The most effective PR Service providers will provide you all-round services including managing your works, promoting your projects, giving you optimised publicity in multiple platforms, addressing legal and logistics requirements while keeping you safe from any controversies or unsafe work environments.

The challenges in success and longevity in the Entertainment Industry depends on how well you are able to maintain your image consistently over a long period of time. You need to be very enterprising to choose a proficient PR Service provider, who has the capability of addressing not only your image-building needs but also offers you a complete gamut of services that makes you relaxed and focused in just diligently practicing your craft.

Know about Moris PR- Services

We have an experience of close to two decades in offering specialised Public Relations Services. Our formula is simple – We create a synergy amongst all individual parts involved in the process and make our offering greater than what these individual parts add up to. We have a strong belief that has enabled us developed a fully integrated and holistic approach towards PR. This has been achieved through a combination of traditional methods with the technological backing of digital techniques combined further with experiential methods. This has enabled us to create a leverage for you and your talent and enable you to expand your reach professionally.

With strong focus on Research & Development and a strong understanding of the market needs, we are able to identify specialised needs meeting up with all your PR requirements. This is done through the creation of a unified, specialised communication strategy spread across multiple platforms that generates PR opportunities for you in all your targeted areas. That’s our core identity – Seeking and Creating Opportunities for you.

Being an online platform with global presence and aided by the services of top PR Professionals across the world within our team, we have been able to create and develop relationships with our clients, providing them with the competitive advantage they desire.


Personal PR

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Personal PR is very important for artists not only to develop a strong personality but also to increase their popularity amongst the public. Personal PR works as an asset in enhancing their image, improving their personality, and making their work reach out to people in a nice and positive manner. Moris has a professional and creative team that supports you like a pillar in developing your Personal PR and helping you gain benefits.

It build up a strong image for you in the minds of your clients and helps you to secure better work. We are experts in profiling and increase your visibility in the appropriate platforms, to help generate better work opportunities.

Work PR

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The Personal PR of an artist is as important as his body of work; however, it is very challenging to promote this work in a creative manner and take it to the people. Work PR not only increases your current market price but also the market price of your upcoming projects. Moris has a professional team that views your work and promotes it to the people in a positive and effective manner, which gives added advantage to your work.

Work PR is essential to ensure that all your creative pursuits are highlighted in the proper forums and forms the basis for generating future opportunities for you. We make use of the digital platform to promote your work and increase interest in casting you for future projects.

Project PR

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The upcoming projects of any artist are very important and may shape his future destiny. Project PR is very important for an artist particularly the positivity and level of the role he is performing. It becomes very challenging for the artist for executing this PR. Our Project PR team reviews your project and takes it to people through creative strategies to increase both your value and the value of the Project. It is very important that all your projects get promoted in order to create interest for the same and ensuring that fans get all relevant information that arouse their curiosity. We help in promoting all your projects through the most appropriate platforms ensuring that they remain visible in all relevant searches.

Digital PR

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Digital PR is as much important to an artist as is the Internet. Digital PR plays a critical role in increasing your fan base. It could be through the information of your upcoming projects, details of your personal life or information about your interviews and shows, or any other revenue-generating aspect of your day-to-day actions. Moris has a team of professionals who make Digital PR strategies to promote all these aspects through your photos, updating your Social Media accounts, and making your Digital presence as famous as the popularity that you enjoy in your neighbourhood.

SEO Optimisation

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In today’s time, Google is an integral part of our life and almost every work is done using its help; be it shopping, knowing about their favourite recipe or seeking information about your favourite celebrity. Would you not love to feature at the top of Google search listings in relevant searches? Our team of professional content writers and technical specialists will optimise web pages for you with attractive content and make sure that you are easily discoverable by both your talent service seekers and your fans. Would you not love to feature at the top of every search listings? Our team of expert content writers and technical specialists will optimise web pages for you with attractive content and make sure that you are easily discoverable by both your talent service seekers and your fans.

Social Media Growth

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Social Media growth not only helps you in relating more to your fans, but larger number of followers also influences Casting Directors in selecting you for their next projects. Get our expert services to ensure Social Media growth and use it as a positive impact on your acting talent and also get the chance to generate revenues from advertisements on your pages.

Create/ Maintain Wikipedia

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A Wikipedia page significantly enhances your reputation. It adds authenticity, credibility and prestige to your persona and can also prove useful in generating future offers. Avail the services of our experts, who will make use of all relevant information from your end backed by supporting articles to create a Wikipedia page for you and will also ensure that it is kept updated regularly with all new and pertinent information.

Personal Manager

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A Personal Manager can represent you at every stage of your career, helping you develop your image and introduce and promote you to their industry contacts. Furthermore, they can offer you personal guidance, whenever you desire. Avail the services of our experienced Personal Managers and simply focus on your projects, while leaving them to handle all other issues.

Legal Advisor

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There is always a chance that someone can get you to sign an agreement that binds you to a project against your wish, while you miss out on multiple other promising opportunities. Avail the services of our expert legal team, specialising in Entertainment industry laws, get all your contracts verified before signing and avail a host of other legal advices for safe working.

Social Media Verified Accounts

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A verified Social Media account builds a strong reputation for you in the market leading to better opportunities. It also acts as a shield from potential impersonators, who can create fake profiles in your name and spoil that image you are trying to build up through your hard work. Our expert team can work with you to increasing your profile reach that helps in getting your Social Media accounts verified.

Media Attention

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Media attention is very important for actors, positive media coverage is a strong factor in increasing your fan base. Use our services to extend your media coverage, as we continuously project the right news, articles, information on your projects to the media and ensure that you are always in the limelight.

Increasing Market Value

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Are you sure that you are receiving the price you deserve for the projects you are working in? Our professional team has expertise in studying market trends and the market value of every actor. Avail our services and be assured of getting the exact value you deserve for your services in all projects that you are a part of.

News & Articles

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Being in news and articles on a regular basis is a stepping stone towards becoming a celebrity. Be in the news for anything you do, a new project signing or an event that you are attending, or for any special occasion in your life be it your birthday or anniversary. Our professional team will generate articles for all such occasions and ensure that they are promoted in the right platforms that benefit you.

Verified Projects/ Clients

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You need to be sure that every project that you are a part of is being funded legitimately; any misstep can make you inadvertently fall on the wrong side of law. Get all your upcoming projects verified by our team of experts and get a profile check done for all clients that you intend to work it. Stay safe in your creative pursuits.

Email promotions

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It is very important in today’s time to communicate the details of all your upcoming projects to media outlets and relevant influencers in the entertainment sectors. If your communication is not effective and presentable; it usually ends up in the ‘Spam’ folder of your intended users. Get your email campaign designed by our professional team, with the right balance of creativity and content, to ensure that the message is communicated to and accessed by your intended audience.

Media Handling

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Media has the power to make or break anybody in today’s world and hence it is desirable to have an effective Media Handling strategy. Our team will work with you to ensure that you develop the best skills to handle media and ensure that messages are communicated neatly and efficiently to create the most desired impact during press interviews.

Travel & Accommodation

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Booking tickets and arranging for accommodation can be a continuous challenge in your creative pursuits. With our global presence, we can address all your travel and accommodation issues, following all processes including VISA processing and adhering to the latest protocols post the global pandemic. You take care of delivering your best at your craft, while we ensure that you are adequately rested to deliver your best.

With a complete overview on your upcoming projects, our team is committed to your safety, whenever you are going to new locations for shoots. Our team will assess all security-related factors pertaining to your projects and are committed to keep you safe at your workplace.


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It always helps actors in their pursuits if they are being represented by an agency with global presence. Be a part of Moris Gigs with presence in 17 countries globally and get all-round managerial services wherever you shoot within the nation or overseas.

Portfolio Shoot

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Do you feel that you are getting typecast? Are you in the need of an image overhaul showing your fans and the directors another different facet of yours? Allow our globally renowned team of photographers to execute your next portfolio shoot and rediscover yourself in a completely new light that takes the Showbiz Industry by storm.

Moris Gigs

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Moris Gigs is an online celebrity and talent management platform, where you can get booked for brand endorsements, events, video gigs or for recording personalised video messages for your fans. You can be a part of the Moris Gigs Celebrity Directory. Connect with your fans by getting booked for sending them personalised video messages and also get approached for brand promotions and product reviews. We also promote you amongst other celebrities.

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Our PR Services stands apart from the other service providers in the industry on two aspects:

A – Z of Public Relations

No other PR Service provider can lay a claim to addressing every aspect of Public Relations. You name a service – we have a professional team in place to address your needs.

Global Presence

While most PR companies may be restricted in offering their services to a few cities or maybe a country, Our globally present team of experienced PR Managers will ensure that we stand by your side, whenever and wherever you desire.

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